Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tuesday June 13 – Day 24 – Steamboat Springs, CO

I made it into Steamboat today – but what a day. Climbing out of Radium was the toughest climb since the Gilas. Straight up for 2000 feet, then straight up and down on these short steep risers. The grades were so steep I had to get off and push a couple of different times – not because my tires were slipping, but just because I just didn’t have the push.

But, the second half of the day was as easy as the first was hard. It felt like all downhill, with a little breeze from behind. I stopped at a little state park boat launch and drenched my shirt and helmet. I was tempted to just run right in, shoes and all, but restrained myself. Even with practically coasting the last 30 miles, though, the leg still gave me trouble by the end. Maybe I need to do a couple 30 mile days and get that straightened out before I try to cruise across Wyoming.

Steamboat is about as close to the halfway point on the route as you get. (Rawlins is close too, but Steamboat works for me.) So, tonight I will celebrate with a beer and a big plate of lasagna.

Day 24 stats:

65 miles
4000 feet up
(still) one bum wheel


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