Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tuesday June 20 – Day 31 – Union Pass, WY

Funny how fast things change out here. I was flying today – cruising through the mountains, checking out these cool mountain meadows, and came up over the pass looking at a nice cruise down. There were supposed to be two things on the way down – a café/motel/camping spot and a “cyclists only” spot with camping and breakfast. Only problem is, I called the cyclists only spot yesterday and the number was disconnected.

The cyclists only spot was down a monster hill to the highway. So, if it isn’t there anymore I was SOL – 80 miles in with 15 miles up to go to the next campground. No thanks. So, my plan was to ask at the first place, which is just out of the national forest, about the cyclists only place.

But, the first place was closed, and I was getting a vicious cramp in my quad. So, I ended up going back across the national forest line and setting up camp. I was exhausted, hungry, pissed and tired. But now I’ve had my easy mac and am feeling better.

Man does my leg hurt though. I think it’s just a really bad cramp, but maybe I pulled it. We’ll see in the morning. Like what seems like a million other injuries I’ve had, a pulled quad could be trip-ending. But I suspect this is no worse than anything else on the laundry list.

Anyway – the riding. From Pinedale the big ranch country started turning into mountain country pretty quick. It was pretty much uphill all the way today, but I didn’t mind. I was just happy to be getting back in the mountains. Toward the top there were all these gorgeous alpine meadows with pools of water everywhere, and lots of snow still at the top. This was what I came out here to ride.

Day 31 stats:

80 miles
5000 feet up


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