Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday June 23 – Day 34 – Lima, MT

Today I got up late, sore, with the idea that I’d spin and do an easy day. But it just wasn’t in the cards. I spun and dragged all morning, pushing into a little headwind. But there was nowhere to camp, so I just kind of kept moving, and got a second wind around mile 60. From there, I spun into town in the cool of the evening and got there late (around 8:30). The riding wasn’t too difficult – big sky country through a long valley.

I met a fellow out on the road who had been hang gliding all day. He told me he had gone about 75 miles today. I guess he just takes an updraft up as high as he can go, then glides in whatever direction he wants to go until he runs out of sky. Then he catches another updraft. Sounds like a pretty good time.

Day 33 stats:

85 miles
1500 feet


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