Sunday, August 06, 2006

Thursday June 8 – Day 19

I’m getting pretty tough out here. I did another 65 mile day today, trying unsuccessfully to catch Tim. I had to deal with a little weather – in fact, a full-on t-storm – but my luck held again. This time, the storm hit right as I was going by this big cottage with a full front porch. So I headed over there, figuring it was an omen, and man did it pour. There was somebody there, and she was a bit surly at first but after the rain quit she came out and said hi and was much friendlier.
Right now I’m finding out how well my tent does in a Colorado thunderstorm. It’s loud as hell, the tent poles are bending in the wind, but not a drop has come in here so far.

I feel bad for Tim in his Wal-Mart special. I don’t know where he is exactly but I suspect is is or will rain there too. Here’s hoping your tent holds water, brother.
The rain is dying down. Still, I don’t think I can get to sleep with the noise. So much for my early start tomorrow. I don’t think I’m going anywhere until these roads dry out some. I’m sure glad I stopped here, that’s for sure. It’s a little higher than I’d ordinarily like (around 9700 feet) but it’s a nice sheltered spot.

Day 19 stats:

65 miles
4000 feet up


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