Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday, June 9 – Day 20 – Salida, CO

Monster miles day. I started the day pushing to try and catch Tim, and ended it flying into town on a 25-mile downgrade. All told, I did 88 miles. This blew Tim’s mind.

Today was Tim’s last day – a good one for him too I think. He really likes being out here, but the long days on the bike got to a point where the riding just wasn’t any fun for him. Tomorrow is a rest day – his boys are going to be here around 3, and we’ll hang out and possibly drink some beers. Then I’ll be off for Silverthorne on my own.

Our last pass today was Marshall Pass – a road built on an old railroad grade. That means it wasn’t steep, but 2500 feet over 20 miles will really put the hurting on a person. But neither of us felt like stopping on the uphill (the original plan) so we just kept going over the top and down into town.

My bike is making a sound like a rub, but nothing’s actually rubbing. I fear it’s a bearing, but we will see. Hopefully they can just clean out the hub and it will be all good.

Last night Tim was about 20 miles ahead of me on the other side of the climb. Over there he got more wind and less rain. I guess the tent did its best to blow loose, and he had to put rocks and stuff on it and tie it to his bike. But it did hold water – the only issue was that it had a flat spot on top so Tim had to keep pushing on it to dump the water off. Let’s hear it for the low price leader.

Day 20 stats:

88 miles
4000 feet up
one sore bum


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