Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday June 10 – Day 21 – South Park, CO

My odometer went over 1000 miles today, just as I caught up with some elk. So I have a pic (I think) of the speedo with the elk in the background. (The picture didn’t turn out.)

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but Tim’s boys called and said they were going to be late, it was looking like camp would be back into the mountains 15-20 miles, and by noon I was jonesing to be back on the bike again. So Tim and I had lunch and I headed out around 2. I did about 30 miles – mostly uphill – enough that I ought to be able to make it to Silverthorne tomorrow.

Word to the wise – don’t eat two Chicago style hot dogs, then do a 3000 foot climb. I got stomach cramps so bad going up I thought I was going to hurl. So much for my rocket fuel. I had to stop a couple times and let things settle down, and didn’t feel right until the end of the day.

I had to settle for camping tonight. I’m in the middle of this big open park (South Park), and it’s all private land with houses here and there. (Most of the lots are something like 10 acres.) But it got to be 8:00 and I was running out of daylight with the houses just getting closer together. Eventually, I just pulled off in a cow pasture – in view of at least one house – and set up. I’ll be out of here early in the AM, maybe before anyone notices me.

Although this is my first official day riding solo, I’ve been riding by myself for awhile now, so it doesn’t feel that different. I did have a bit of a bad feeling in my gut riding up here (distinct from the hot dogs). But it’s clear that things turned out for the best – both for me and him. So no regrets.

Oh, and props to Absolute Bike down in Salida. They tightened up some stuff and took the little plastic shield off my cog (that’s what was making the noise). And best of all, no charge. Word.

Day 21 stats:

30 miles
3500 feet up


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