Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday, May 26 – Day 7

Today we cruised across the edge of the Plains of San Augustin on a shortcut. The ranger said there was no water for 60 miles on the official route through Collins Park, so we said the heck with that.

We filled up the bottles about 10 miles from Old Horse Springs. We were about to filter out of this nasty cattle trough when a lady rancher came by on her truck and said hi. Turns out there was a well about a half mile down, and she was going down there to turn it on. We were in luck – and, even more good luck, I ran over a barb wire fence that was on the ground on my way into the well. Never saw it. But my tires must have gone between the barbs and I didn’t flat.

Lots of wind and heat again today. We’re going through water like you’d have to see to believe.

For some reason, I have had camp anxiety these last few nights. We hung the food tonight but couldn’t really get it high enough, and other nights we’ve just put it in a bag away from the tent. Then I sit there and listen to see if anything is eating it. I have to knock this off or the trip will be a lot less fun. Who cares if the bear eats our food – as long as it isn’t in the tent he isn’t going to eat us.
Morning note: I slept better last night than any night so far – not because the camp was in better shape, but just because I decided not to worry about the gear. I will take that approach from now on.

Bitter cold last night, but the water bottles weren’t frozen this morning. I had the hood on my bag all the way closed except for a little hole, and wrapped the sleeves of my fleece around my head. I really wish I had a stocking hat.

Also – had a dream that I was watching Lance Armstrong ride a tandem with a one-legged woman. I have no idea why. This was the first bike-related dream of the trip and hopefully the last.

Also – had another dream that the building we had lunch in yesterday (this ramshackle abandoned house with a nice shady porch on the downwind side) collapsed on us. The only thing was that in the dream it had a second floor. Tim and I were up there talking about how the building probably would get knocked down in the wind. And guess what – it did.

Day 7 stats:

38 miles
2500 feet climbing
7 hours


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